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The WebMD HealthQuotient (HQ) online health assessment is a great step toward preventing disease and improving well-being. This online tool is a fast and easy way to evaluate how personal health factors and lifestyle habits may raise your risk for serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes. The HQ does not diagnose conditions—but it does provide information about how various factors may increase your likelihood of developing certain health conditions. It may also help you prioritize which areas deserve your attention first.

The HQ is easy and confidential—simply enter your information through a secure website. If you took the Blueprint for Wellness screening, some of your health data will be conveniently and securely uploaded into your HQ.

Your HQ answers are summarized to generate a report that includes an overall HQ score as well as an assessment of your potential risk for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers or depression. HQ takes things a step further, with practical suggestions for improving your scores—and your wellness—in target areas.

The HQ is available to HealthFlex active plan participants only.

Video: How to Complete the HealthQuotient (HQ)

To take the HQ, log in to the HealthFlex/WebMD website. (If you cannot recall your username or password and cannot retrieve them by clicking on “Forgot your username or password,” contact WebMD’s customer service team at 1-866-302-5742, option 1.) You can also take the HQ through the WebMD Wellness At Your Side mobile app; use the connection code: HEALTHFLEX

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