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Knowing your biometric numbers provides a window into the state of your health. Quest Diagnostics’ Blueprint for Wellness biometric screening is a valuable tool for identifying health concerns and finding ways to improve your well-being. It’s the first step on your path to wellness with Wespath.

Testing involves one blood draw and a few measurements (height, weight, blood pressure and waist circumference). More than 25 key indicators are measured, including blood glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin A1C. Test results provide valuable information about several common health risks, such as heart disease, diabetes, thyroid function and more.

Who Can Participate?

Blueprint for Wellness is available for HealthFlex participants and spouses and Via Benefits participants who have this option with their plan. If you’re a clergyperson or lay employee not in HealthFlex, contact your plan sponsor to see if Blueprint for Wellness is available.

  • HealthFlex participants and spouses: Log in to HealthFlex/WebMD for information or to schedule a screening during the screening window (January – September).
  • Via Benefits participants: Contact your plan sponsor to see if you are eligible or to schedule a screening during the screening window (January – September).

Register for Your Screening

Log in to HealthFlex/WebMD and click on “Quest Diagnostics Blueprint for Wellness” or call 1-855-623-9355. There are several ways to schedule your screening:

  • Visit a local Quest facility called a Patient Service Center.
  • Attend an on-site event hosted by your employer or annual conference.
  • Submit a physician results form — your health care provider completes the form with your test results.

Blueprint for Wellness Qcards

We recognize that many onsite events are being cancelled, and some individuals may not feel comfortable receiving their screening in person, even from their own physician. Wespath has partnered with Quest to introduce an at-home screening option, called Qcard. The Qcard allows participants to do a finger stick test at home and self-report their biometrics. The Qcard option will be available to all participants (except those living in NY state) by July 1.

Participants will sign up to receive an at home kit in the same way they sign up for a Blueprint for Wellness screening—online or by phone (Log in to HealthFlex/WebMD). Participants and primary spouses will still earn the $100 incentive for completing the Blueprint for Wellness Screening via Qcard, and the Qcard will include the metrics needed to receive wellness points for healthy results.

Bluepring for Wellness Qcards—Earn Pulsecash/Wellness Points

Review steps for completing the Qcard here.

Blueprint for Wellness® Screenings 2020 - Carla

A HealthFlex participant describes her experience taking the Blueprint for Wellness screening in 2020.

Blueprint for Wellness® Screenings 2020 - Bob and Frank

Two HealthFlex participants describe their experiences taking the 2020 Blueprint for Wellness screening.